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Renovation History

The Strand Theatre first opened its doors in 1920 and operated as a silent movie/vaudeville playhouse. It continued as a first run movie house until 1968 when its doors closed for the first time. It was reopened as a movie house from 1976-96 when it closed again due to the cost demands associated with an aging building. The Strand Theatre Preservation Society formed in 2000 for the purpose of restoring the historic Strand Theatre to its original grandeur and provide Moundsville and the surrounding areas with a facility to house all expressions of the arts. When the Society took ownership of the building in December of 2000, the building had suffered from years of neglect. The main functional problem with the structure was a substantial hole in the roof. Over the years, the water caused significant damage to the ceiling as well as the main floor seating and floor of the auditorium. The first task was to repair the roof, drainage systems, and re-point the exterior bricks as needed.  The decorative trim on the exterior of the building was cleaned and re-painted and the exterior doors were renovated. The HVAC system was replaced, and insulation was put in the ceiling and auditorium floor. In 2009, the focus of work turned to the interior. Fire detection equipment was installed, and lighting systems were cleaned and re-wired. Two restrooms to the auditorium area and a handicap accessible restroom in the lobby area was added. A three-tub sink, and hand wash sink were added to the concession area. New drywall was hung from the ceiling to replace crumbling plaster and all walls, ceiling and trim was painted. A new OSB subfloor was installed on the main and stage floors. A wheelchair lift to allow access to the stage was installed. The Strand re-opened its doors to the public in 2014, but continued renovation and improvement plans. In 2015 the balcony level common room as well as two 2nd floor restrooms were completed. House light controls were established. 200 chairs were purchased for the theatre main floor. The second-floor reception area was made ADA accessible by installing a stair-lift. A 7-ft grand piano and a theatre organ were acquired. In 2018, a complete renovation of the backstage area was initiated. This project was completed in the spring of 2020 and included the installation of two restrooms, a green room, and three dressing rooms. A revamping of the lighting and sound systems has been completed in 2021 and 2022.   Future goals include a removable floor extension over the theatre pit and reinforcing/replacing the theatre flydeck and stage rigging.  Since the reopening of the Strand Theatre, a variety of events, concerts, movies, plays, classes, and musicals have provided the community with entertainment and cultural enrichment.  

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