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Want to support the Strand as we continue to grow? Become a Friend of the Strand today! 

As we stand at the threshold of a new year, it is with immense gratitude and pride that we reflect on the journey we undertook in 2023. From captivating theatrical productions and musical performances to educational offerings and community collaborations, the Strand Theatre has been a hub for creativity and cultural enrichment.


Highlights from 2023 include programming opportunities, facility upgrades, and continued community collaborations. Over 4,500 attended an event at the Strand in 2023, over a 10% increase from the previous year! These attendees experienced performances by local musicians and actors, recitals by area dance schools, and even a regional bodybuilding competition. Children’s acting classes, summer theatre camp, and child-friendly events and movies continue to be opportunities for families to experience the arts together.


The Strand benefited from numerous safety upgrades to the fly space above the stage. By securing and bringing the fly space rigging up to industry standards, the safety of performers, technicians, and patrons to the theatre is set for the future. With the infrastructure and safety upgrades, the Strand is looking forward to continued improvements to the stage and performance area of the theatre.


The Strand continued to build and strengthen community connections by partnering with organizations like the Marshall County Public Library, City of Moundsville Arts & Culture Commission, and Cockayne Farmstead.


The Strand Theatre Preservation Society, driven by the slogan "Connecting Communities through Arts," aims to inspire, engage, and entertain our community through diverse programming. Our commitment extends beyond the stage, as we actively work towards training and supporting the next generation of artists. By becoming a Friend of the Strand, you contribute directly to the realization of this vision, helping us create a vibrant and inclusive cultural space for everyone. Your membership helps to ensure the ongoing preservation of the Strand. Together, we can secure its place as a cultural cornerstone in our community for generations to come.

Individual Level ($25.00)

*Website listing as a member
*2 tickets to a Strand cabaret


Family Level ($50.00)


*Website listing as a member
*4 tickets to a Strand cabaret

Business Level ($100.00)


*Website listing as a member

*8 tickets to a Strand cabaret

*Business name and logo displayed on the Strand lobby screen at all Strand events

*Business Spotlight recognition in the front Strand window

There are two ways to become a Friend of the Strand:

1. Download the brochure below and mail items to the following address:

     Strand Theatre Preservation Society

     811 5th Street

     Moundsville, WV 26041

2. Complete the following steps in order:

    A) Complete info boxes below

    B) Click "DONATE" button and enter Friend Level ($25, $50, $100) as a donation           via PayPal.

     C) Click "SUBMIT"

Friend of the Strand - 2024

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2024 Friends of the Strand

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